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Societies for Poetic Action is embarking on the People's Mapping Project as a way of 

conversing between art and civic engagement. 

We propose that mapping of place and experience can create accessible pathways to 

participation from a broad range of citizens. We believe in a radical definition of citizenship; 

we can all act as citizens. We hope that the People's Mapping Project will be an avenue for 

both common folks and municipal decision makers to engage with and craft personal and 

poetic experiences of life in Eureka. 


Key Concepts of the Project 

Because maps can be resources for engagement, we plan to involve as many citizens as 

possible in answering questions and developing maps based on their experiences of 

Eureka. We will visit schools, parks, and local cultural sites while also developing a 

door-to-door campaign. We will search out opportunities to involve people who may not 

otherwise get the opportunity to be involved in community projects. We plan to reach out to 

people who are houseless and from other marginalized groups. We want learn about 

various perspectives on life in Eureka. We all play a part in building community and we 

believe that inclusion and participation develop relationships that make our community 

stronger. We also believe in building networks with and supporting the work of people 

working with marginalized communities within Eureka. We recognize the work that others 

are doing in our community and plan to work with existing groups as much as possible. 

Participants will be asked questions about their experiences of place. They will also be 

asked to create maps based on their histories and hopes for the future. With permission, we 

will take photos of participants and the places they feel connected to. We will also make 

some recordings of people to be used online and possibly in a pocast. 

Societies for Poetic Action is a group comprised of artists, and we will use art making as a 

tool for creating sites for participation and connection. We will host map-making parties and 

events and are interested in ways that public spaces are also art spaces. As we go into 

neighborhoods and parks, we will use techniques from visual art and theater/performance to 

make participation more inviting.  

We plan to make a physical map/book, The People's Map of Eureka. We will also create 

an online resource. Finally, we will create an interactive installation to culminate the project.