Across, beyond, and through

We imagine what we wish to see, and what we hope to feel, and we aim to act in ways that will bring these outcomes into being. We employ our multiple symbol systems as we imagine and act, and poetically we pull the threads of the future through the present, adjusting the tension so that we are connected to the past without being bound up in it. We make connections across different modes of being, transilient beings that we are, biology and physics lending certain structures and constraints, but symbolic modes giving us a wider latitude of action than the merely physical or biological. We have moral responsibilities, we have agency, we can imagine. Empathy is a transcultural quality that we cultivate and hope to deepen in ourselves and all others. Let us dance and sing, sling ink and paint, and construct dinosaurs with mashed paper and glue on a wire armature; let us enter poetic performative space together, for the purpose of reminding ourselves that we share this wondrous planet with not only 7 billion other humans but also innumerable species of plants and animals whose uniqueness, beauty, and love of life resemble our own. Let us be reverent and awestruck, and humbly aware that we cannot pierce every mystery, and also let us use science wisely and with respect for its power and its limits in the moral universe. We have power and we have responsibility. We are transitory tenants and we are as gods, with the power to alter millions of years of slowly developing planetary systems of climate, weather, soil, water, plants, animals, and cultures ... shall we avidly seek consciousness, poetry, and love? Or shall we allow the unconscious imperatives of archaic brain structures to take us – and everyone and everything we know and don't know – into the abyss? Let's transgress the inherited fictions that fool us into thinking that we cannot create heaven on earth without oppressing others. Transformation is our imperative, so let us be kind, let us dream well, and let us choose wisely. May our lives be strong and sweet. 



Life is strange here in America and even stranger since the election of Donald Trump and his cabinet. We are all thrust into this mess whether we like it or not. We are required to go through it all and grow older and die. It is unknown if we will ever be filled with the truth even if just for a split second. For this reason I choose to dutifully seek the candor alongside other like minded and heart based people regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, criminal backround, or any other human boundary. Together we will utilize the power of art to peacefully protest social injustice and awaken the masses to their creative potential as a tool against neo-fascism.


Gio MC Jr. 

An opportunity for collaborative self-expression that serves to inspire, empower, encourage self, colleagues, community to seek their highest potential passion to fuel actions in support of justice, creativity, equality and whose essence and description by society might be defined as poetic artistry.



Art changes narratives, presents alternatives, creates a space for dreams, speaks in images and metaphors, exists in a place outside of linear time, and is, by definition, revolutionary. In order to create a socially just and environmentally sustainable future, we must be able to imagine it. Art has been commodified and used against us in the form of advertising and the social control of mass media. It is our aim to take our artistic power back by using our art intentionally as social change agents. We use art to offer voice to the voiceless and as a means of educating and creating awareness. Art is therapeutic, granting healing through expression and allowing us space to revel in our joy.



We begin by welcoming pluralities, possibilities for variant interpretations and iterations, diverse and divergent expressions

Seeds scattered, haphazard bouquets

We welcome critique as indicator of potential change

We seek to learn from our mistakes

We raise questions and believe that discourse and conversation are signs of dynamic communities.

We believe that poetic actions speak to the senses and invite bodies to experience multiple ways of being

We seek strategies of interference and perceptual shifting


We value diversity of species and honor the rights of ecosystems. Rivers are bodies mountains are bodies a tree is a body in dynamic conversation with the body of the forest. Individuals morph into others into unknown singularities into a chorus of otherness.

We value communities and are committed to creating safe spaces for marginalized peoples 

We cross boundaries and binaries and strive to create liberated spaces. We disrupt walls and borders 

We exist in multiplicity and rise unexpectedly from disarray

We do not adhere to one definition of ourselves

We are societies of pluralities, orbiting, colliding, spreading like weeds. We are poets of decay and hybridity. 

We employ the strategies of mushrooms, carpenter ants, and moss in order to create images and events that saturate imaginations with possibilities for wild others, for unknown elsewheres

There are secret members of societies for poetic action everywhere.

You may be a member yourself.



Art is not just a luxury or frivolous. It’s an essential component to healthy societies. Art allows us to to imagine different ways of being. The world can seem overwhelming, corrupt and cold, but there are alternatives. I want to cultivate a world that allows for dangerous connections, challenges us to develop more open hearts and revolutionary love. There’s too much fear in our world, we’ve been frightened into submission, dullness and placated with consumerism. Breaking from that world may seem terrifying, but it’s only because we’ve had our imaginations shrunk and alternatives hidden. Putting forward a world centered around wild love is a risk worth taking. Accept the invitation of beauty. Dive into the places that are uncertain. Be willing to fail. There are more robust, fulfilling realities available to us, if when we dare to interact with uncertainty. Dare to be an active participant in you and your neighbor’s wellbeing.